Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The One About Wrong Lots of Love !!

A few days ago, Ah Beng's pet dog Ah James died, too old already.
Ah Lian was the best frind of Ah Beng from 1986 till now....
Ah Liam was also very sad cause James used to kiss kiss Ah Lian's
face and hands and everything everytime James see Ah Lian....

That is another story...

So Ah Lian decided to send a text message to Ah Beng to comfort him
and to console him, at the same time, hoping to show Ah Beng that she
cares for him very much ( and etc etc etc... )

The sms read like this, " Hei Ah Beng, i am very sorry to
hear that James passed away, deepest condolence from
me and my family and lol from me to you!!! "

Ah Beng received the SMS and was so angry and called Ah Lian back.

Ah Beng, " You very happy meh now ? "

Ah Lian, " No wor, i am very sad cause James passed away. "

Ah Beng, " Then why you lol in your SMS ? "

Ah Lian, " I really have lol for you mah ! "

Ah Beng, " knnbbq? Niabeh my dog died and you still laughing
out loud at me, you want to fight izzit ? "

Ah Lian, " Huh ? lol is not Lots of Love meh ? "

Ah Beng, " Lots of love your head ! Get lost ! "

Ah Lian, " errr. soli loh !! but i really lots of love mar.. "

Ah Beng, " Dulan ! " and hang up the phone.....

This one is from Johntim.... who is going to Singapore soon
with lolololol !!!


Ah Beng text back Ah Lian, " Hi Ah Lian, sorry to hear that
your car was ran over by a 18 wheels truck and your pet
cat Kitty was in the car, lolol !! "

........ and that was how the fight started...

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