Thursday, October 21, 2010

The One About Die Die Die !!!!

Ah Lian is having a lot of friends in the kindergarden and she likes
them very much and tell us all sorts of story about her new friends.

One fine day she came back and told us, " Yay ! Today i got new friends!"

Me, " Wow ! Cool, who are they ? "

Ah Lian, " One is Ah Beng and another one is Death ... "

Me spat coffee at the laptop screen while Fat Lady spat chicken rice
in my eyes ( with chili some more... spicy !! )

Me, " What is the name again ? Where got people call Death one ? "

Ah Lian, " Got Got Got !! Death Lee !! Death Lee from Ampang !!"

Me, " Choi !!"

Fat Lay, " Choi Choi ! "

Ah Lian's mom, " Choi Choi Tai Kat Lai Si !! Pui Hau Sui Choi !"

Ah Lian almost got tears in eyes liao, " I am not lying !!! "

Me, " Ok Ok ! I trust you, I trust you ! "

Ah Lian, " I didn't lie lah !! See his name here ? "

Ah Lian showed the name, " Dave Lee "

I covered my eyes this time before Fat Lady spit Fried Chicken
to my face again.

* When kids have their front teeth changed, before the new teeth grow,
they can't pronounce certain words properly.

Dave ==> Death
Dance ==> Denfff
Six ==> Sisfff
Fish ==> Fifth
Dish ==> Diffff....

Please be courteous enough and not to make fun or laugh at the kids
who are at this stage...

But then, Dave Lee become Death Lee woh.....

muahahahahahhahahaah !!

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