Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The One About Whale

Just now watching TV and the news showed some whales appearing at
US coast, cause the coast area now has a lot of shrimp.

Due to don't know what La Lina or La Bamba or
Lambada phenomenon....

Fat Lady, " Wah ! Whales !! "

Me, " Yeap ! "

Fat Lady, " Whale so huge, eat small little shrimp one meh ? "

Me, " Yeap ! "

Fat Lady, " They eat so many shrimps, collestrol will be very high or not?"

Me, " errr.... I don't know woh ! But i know, if we eat a lot of shrimp, the
doctor will sure start lecturing about high collestrol and stuff like that lah !"

Fat Lady, " So unfair hor ... "

Me, " errr..... "

Fat Lady, " By the way, Lambada is a song, not weather phenomenon ok ?"

Me, " errr.... zzzzzzzzz. "

* El Nino and La Nina lahhhhh !!! Oiyoh !!!

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