Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The One About Old Technology.

A few weeks ago during a roadshow of some IT products that
I amcurrently doing I was setting up the lap top on stage for the
presentation and there were a few more guys there like the product
principle etc.

Mark is one young chap from the principle and a nice guy.

Mark : " Eh ! Kai Hong, should we put some music during the tea
break ? "

Me:" Oh sure ! I think I have some mp3s in the hard disk. "

Me busy searching for some slow songs and launched them....

Boy that sure felt sentimental and nice and light and easy...

Mark pointed at my nose and asked: " Wtf ? You still use Winamp ah?"

I was like -_-" and gone speechless for 3 seconds....

Then I replied, " You also use match to light your cigarettes lok ?"

Now it was Mark's turn to become speechless.

Me? I of course ran far far away with my hands at the hip like wings
like some football stars and ran around the hall and shout " Wah ha ha
ha ha ha !! Mark still uses matches !! Mark still uses matches like old
man, muah ha ha ha ha ha !!!! "

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