Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The One About Drinking Chinese Tea.

My company's men loves to drink Chinese tea, mee too, but I
drink all soft of tea as long as they are not Teh Tarik which is
way too sweet yeah.

One day I took my cup of tea and was walking from pantry back
to my desk and i heard the ladies talking...

Miss A :" Wah kai hong drinking tea again ah ?"

Miss K:" Yeah loh Kai Hong always drink tea one ?"

Miss A:" Kai Hong keep fit ah ? drinking slimming tea ah ?"

Me -_-" and "......... "

Miss K: " Tea nice meh ? No taste one ? "

Miss A :" All the man in this office are like old man like that,
always drink tea one lek ! even Kai Hong drink tea liao !"

Me lagi -_-"

So now, you all know why the world most famous and succesful
riffle is called AK-47 liao yeah ?

Non stop topic and non stop conversation one woh !!

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