Monday, September 24, 2007

THe One About Eh Happy Mooncake Festival.

Mooncake Festival is a Chinese traditional celebrated day,
on this day, the moon ( 15th August of Chinese Calendar )
would be extremely round and perfect and nice.

It is the time where us kids would go out and scout and patrol
with lantern with 2 boxes of candle in our pocket and a box of

And all of us kids would be equipped with Rm1.20 ( usd 0.35 )
lantern with candles would be roaming the street of our village
and meet friends and get chased by neighbors dogs and goose.
Sometimes there would be blur friends of us who fall into drain
and got a big boo boo on his /her head cause it was too darn dark.

The lanterns back then were made of thin plastic with thin frame
made of bamboo or metal wire. Typical design was square, some
with Ultraman, Superman design... and there were very little
eletronic or electrical one, and there wasn't any Pokemon or
Hello Kitty or stuff like that, luckily !

Some of the friends lantern was made of Milo Tin, Milk Tin and
once I saw a few lantern made of pamelo's skin -_-" omgbbq !!

We always laughed at the guy who has lantern made of pamelo
cause it was darn heavy and sort of wet and was really not stable.
The poor guy's bamboo stick that used to carry the pamelo's
lanttern was always stretched and seems like it was going to
break like that lolrotf !

Sometimes our lanterns would ended up get burnt ( 40% chances )
and sometimes someone's pant or skirt might get a burn hole
( 20% chances ) and 100% the time, we would be really happy.

Darn the guy with lantern made of pamelo's skin never get burnt
or caught fire, and ours always ended up 100% gone or with a big
hole lolol !!

And after that we would go back to yards, have some celebration by
eating mooncakes ( boy by then we had tausar flavour only ) and chew
some roasted groundnuts. The favourites drink back then ? 7 Up my
friend !! 7 up ! Cold 7 up + ground nuts + a mouthful of tausar
mooncake omg !!

And we would just sit there and talk cock whole night without being
chased to bed by parents and grandma, and right now I can't
remember what did we talk, must be some ambition thing or the
funny things or puppy love things yeah ?

you ask me if I was happy by then ?

I was really really happy, maybe that time I didn't realized that but
now the more I think of it the more happier I am that I had such an

Darn Kuala Krai was a nice place !!

In 1982 and 1983:
Oh by the way that time a drum of mooncake ( 4 pcs of mooncakes )
cost rm 2.00 or something and the taste was so pure and sweet : )

In 2007
Today I saw a basic mooncake on sale with tausar inside, Rm 5.50 -_-"

Darn Kuala Krai is still a nice place !!!

Fat Lady is always puzzled that why the heck that
I love to eat mooncake so much after 7 years knowing me.

I was trying to recall the good old time and the memory that
I missed so much, that I could only seen and feel during my

Darn ! Kuala Krai I miss you so much !!!

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