Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The One about Taipei

Was in Taipei a few days ago, it was around 12° Celsius and the coolest
was 9° Celsius with rain ( drizzling ). Wind was strong also.

I was wearing Short Sleeve T-Shirt and my cargo pants only while the
rest of the Taipei citizen wrapped themselves like Bak Zhang like that.

The aunties there, " WTF ? You not cold meh  ?? "

Me, " 9° Celsius with rain is summer in Alaska only !! "

They all, " Waliew !!! "

By the way, is there any way for us to change Malaysia climate
to 9° Celsius all year around ? Is there a huge remote control
that we can use and do that ?

Darn !!! 9° Celsius with rain is TEH FUN !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Of coz you can handle lah,,, full with fattttttt and hairrrr........

Philips at work. said...

Eh ! Those are Muscle and Hair......