Monday, June 01, 2009

The One About Shang Hai San

My friend Ah San follows the husband to Shang Hai cause the husband
has to work in Shang Hai recently.

But Ah San hasn't found any job yet at the moment hence was asking
around to see if there is any job suitable for her.

By the way, Ah San could play some good Ping Pong ya !!

So today at MSN, me asked, " so right now you are 上海无业

无赖 无家可归 无国籍 无法无天 五体投地

天主啊啦 东海 海龙王 ?

Ah San -_-" and replied, " I hate you !!!!!!!!! "

Me lolrotf !!!

A moment later I asked, " So , if I were to go to Shang Hai and to work
there, is there any work which is suitable for me ? "

Ah San, " Guard loh "

Me, " I hate you also !!!!!!!!!!!! "

Ah San lolrotf !!!

By the way, I knew Ah San since 1988 or 1989 you know ??

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