Thursday, June 11, 2009

The One About Kakak....

Yesterday in office while having a discussion....

Junko, " Bla .. bla.. bla.. bla... bla.. bla.. bla ..... "

Miss Lim, " No lah , no lah not like that... bla bla bla... "

Junko, " Oi ! Not like that, not like that, you understand
or not Kakak?"

Our cleaner lady popped up and asked, " Yes ? Anything ?"

We all suddenly had a shock, where the heck does Kakak come
from from out of sudden ?

Junko, " Sorry sorry, not you Kakak, i was talking about Miss Lim!"

Kakak, " Oh ! i thought you called me and need my service... "

We........ LOLROTF !!!

Junko, " Soli Soli .... Soli soli !! "

Miss Lim face green green......

Kakak = Elder sister, sometimes refer to maid or domestic help...

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