Saturday, July 07, 2007

The One About Working In My Hotel

Am right now at one of the JB biggest hotel and have been here
for 4th day cause work.

Yesterday near 5 pm I was rushing for some report using the
lap top. When I was working hard I heard some noise from the
outside of the windows.

I paused for a sec and oh dog barking from far away down there.

The noise continued -_-" and suddenly, eh ? This is 21st floor woh!

How come dog barking could be heard so cleary at 21st floor ?

I paused again and FULAMAK !!

It's the noise of peoples reproduction -_-" and the noise
continues for another few minutes before it went gone for
good. And I continued my work with laugh and shake head
slowly gesture for the next 10 minutes, can't help that !

Fart !! This room isn't that soundproof after all.

Let me tell you that when you are rushing for some darn important
and urgent report and the reproduction noise isn't sweet at all !!

Next time I am going to get a room which is more soundproof !!

But does normal people reproduce at 5 pm ?? Or these are some
really passion people ?

Oh ! This is the hotel you see ? A lot of funny things happen in the
hotel !! yeah !

* lari !!

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