Saturday, July 07, 2007

The One About WIFI in JB Hotel.

Last week before I came to JB New York hotel ( which i am still in right
now ) I called and made booking.

I asked them if they do have Broadband or Wifi they said yes.
And I decided to stay here cause I need to work from my room for
some report and stuff like that.

Upon arriving, the staff told me, " Oh you have to pay for Wifi !"

Me," What ? How much ? "

Staff," RM 10 for 1 hour or RM 30 for 24 hour ! "

Me," What ? So expensive ? "

Staff, " Yes sir ! "

Me," Why don't you offer these Wifi to your hotel guest for free?"

Staff," Management decided to collect fee sir ! "

Me," People in Penang and Perak got free Wifi since years ago, friend!"

Staff," So you want RM 10 or RM 30 sir ?"

Me," Give me the RM 30 for 24 hours one please "

Staff," Sir, this 24 hours means 1 time log in and you can't log out,
else your password can't work again "

Me," Har ? Means that i have to leave my lap top on for 24 hours?"

Staff, " Yes. "

Me," I see , ok please proceed, it's your electricity anyway !"

What kind of ICT world we are talking about here ?

RM 30 for 24 hours, cannot log out, -_-"

Blardy hell !!

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