Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The One About Lying In Sungai Wang Plaza.

Yesterday was running around Low Yatt, Imbi Plaza and Sungai Wang
and ended up lying in the middle hall of Sungai Wang Plaza.

I mean, how many of you have tried lying comfortably in the middle of
the Sungai Wang Hall at 4 pm of a Monday ? None ? lolrotf !!

All right I was doing blood donation that time hence the lying on the
blood donor's chair.

A lot of people were walking around and only 3 of us blood donor at that
time donating blood -_-"

But, what the heck, you don't get the chance to lie comfortably at the
said hall everyday right ?

And somemore the place that I was lying was exactly facing the aircond
output vent, and I almost fall asleep.

Damn ! That time I would be snoring in the middle of Sungai Wang Plaza
like a pig !! Kennot !!

lolrotf ! They even had hot milo, biscuit, soya drinks and cakes after that!!

If not because I need to see a customer after the blood donation I would
have probably fall asleep, really !!

Felt damn hungry that night though... lol!

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