Monday, August 23, 2010

The One About Char Siew

A team member of mine is a very nice person, when he sees poor
people, he gives them some money, when he sees poor animal, he
tries to help them also. His name is Mr Lee.

One fine day, he came out from restaurant after having lunch. And
after a moment he walked back into the restaurant.

Mr Lee, " Hi boss, can you cut me RM10 of char siew ? Take away "

The boss, " Har ? You just ate your lunch, but well, since it is you... "

The boss chop chop and cut cut some Char Siew and packed them.

Then Mr Lee took the Char Siew and paid the RM10. After that, he
walked to the front of the shop and opened the pack of char siew
and fed those to a dog !!!

The boss, " @*$%^!^^#&*&*($^ You fed my Char Siew to a dog ah?"

Mr Lee, " No mar, the dog very hungry leh !! "

The boss, " knnbbq ! My char siew so limited, not enough already and
yet you fed it to a dog ??? "

Mr Lee, " No mar, the dog very really hungry woh ! "

The boss, " But still !! My char siew woh !! "

Mr Lee, " Sorry loh ! "

The boss, ".......... "

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happyiyi said...

this mr lee is so kind :)