Saturday, May 08, 2010

The One About Lap Top Mainboard

This morning was chatting with Miss Lim over her lap top which
has problem and can't work properly...

Miss Lim, " Fuyuh !! my lap top got problem lah !! screen snowy.. "

Me, " Wassap ? what happened ? tell me tell me ?what is the prob.."

Miss Lim, " My friend said that the motherboard is having problem!
baru 2 years in service, but screen can't show / display properly liao"

Me, " Har ? Motherboard ah ? "

Miss Lim, " Yalah, the motherboard became siao siao abit liao !"

Me, " I see.. "

Miss Lim, " So , what do you think happened ? "

Me, " See, normally at the month of May the motherboard of the PC
and laptop will start giving problems and strike one, this is according to
an US study on hardware and the statistic is correct up to 95% ...

Miss Lim, " Har ?? Izzit ?? why why leh ?"

Me, " See May is mother day mar, whole world celebrating the Mother
day except motherboard cannot celebrate, yet have to work ...
of course they give you problem lah ! Aiyoh.... "

Miss Lim, " 3 8 ! Bodoh !!"

Happy Mother's Day !! Mum, we love you !!!