Monday, November 02, 2009

The One About Gas Leakage !! Gas Leakage !!

This morning I was with Fat lady and her siblings at KL doing some usual stuff.

Suddenly I felt that there was some strong smell of gas ( cooking gas ) in
the air and I told them about this....

Me, " eh ! you all feel that there is gas leakage ? "

Fat lady, sniff sniff, " hmm.... seems got a bit, not strong.... "

Fat lady's sister, sniff sniff, " Wah ! Got got !! Strong gas smell !! "

Me, " Darn ! We are so near to the kitchen facility, could that be
gas leakage ? should we warn them ? "

Fat lady still sniff sniff around.....

FL's sister, " Oh ! could it be oxygen leakage from the tank ? "

She pointed at a small oxygen cylinder not too far away from us...

me, " Oi ! Oxygen has no odor or smell one ok ? "

FL's sister," Opppsss ... really ? soli soli !! "

After my brain load some old scenario and old case from CSI....

Suddenly, " Wait you all !! No need to panic already !! I know what
gas is that already ! he he he he !!!"

Everyone, " what ? what gas was that ?? got poisonous or not ? "

Me, " D---U---R---I---A---N !!! "

Everyone lolrotf with 2 legs in the sky...

There was someone eating durian not too far away from us and
the smell of durian when mixed with air , smells so like cooking
gas !!!

What does this mean ? Ladies and Gentleman ???

It is TEH DURIAN season again !! YAY !!!

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