Friday, November 13, 2009

The One About Cari Pasal

A few friends of mine are now working in Abu Dhabi and the
surrounding country. Miss Wei was one of them ...

Today over the MSN , Me, : " Oi Oi ! Miss Wei how do you do ?"

Wei, " I am good, how about yourself ?"

Me, " I am fine here, how are things there ?"

Wei, " Not too bad, work is fine but very hot lah !!!... "

Me, " Need any thing there ? Anything that has great demand
there? Maybe some sand ? I can export a lot of sand to Abu
Dhabi if you want .. Malaysia has a lot of sand !!!.. "

Wei, " ............ "

Me, " I give you a good discount and give you credit terms lah !
want or not ? * run away fast fast "

Wei, " nuts ah ? desert already, still need sand ah ? &!@&#&!&&$"

lolrtof !!!

Damn... i am bored sometimes....

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